Portobello Burgers

Bean Burgers are so MacDonalds, Fish Burgers are so…fishy. So what are the options for preparing a burger-like creation for someone who hasn’t eaten a nice plump beefy burger in decades? Something that looks like a burger, smells vaguely like a burger but contains no burger.

For this we need to turn to the massive Portobello Mushroom.

Bacon bits are optional obviously

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Filo Fantasies

When I first met my wife I soon realised she wasn’t joking about her vegetarianism. This dish, the first she created for me, introduced me to the wonderful world of filo pastry.

Filo is delicate and flaky (unlike me of course) and must be treated with care.

Pray to the filo God…

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Best of British: Fish and Chips

Now I’m not one for beating about the bush. If you want to get a true taste of Britain forget curry; forget roast beef. You need fish and chips. But it’s no walkover. Oh no. It involves hot fat, fish…and chips (or fries if you’re from the provinces – only joking).

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