Brangelina in Starbucks

Guess what the post popular post on this blog is. You know, the one with the most ‘likes’. The one with the most comments. Is it the ‘Chocolate Torte‘ recipe? Close, but not quite. Well what about the one with the ‘Shard‘, Western Europe’s tallest building? Not a chance. No, its the one where I rant at Starbucks for asking us our names when we order coffee.

Everyone likes to read a rant about an evil corporation. So I promised the next time we went to Starbucks I would not give our names. And we didn’t:

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Katie Price on The Apprentice?

Lets face it. Watching the rolling road crash that is Katie Price’s personal life on Sky Living holds a certain fascination for many.

In the last Pricey Post we analysed her business acumen – and it stands up against the best of them; and now here’s another thought on her future – who’s for replacing Karren Brady with the ex-Jordan on The Apprentice?

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