Breakfast Solutions 101

It’s simple really – if you ‘need to feed’ get some eggs and some bread and combine, right? French Toast (for those from the right side of the tracks) or Gypsy Toast (if you fell between the lines) – but its the same thing in the end…

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Brain Food Breakfast – when muesli just isn’t going to cut it.

So you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Spreadsheets. Powerpoint. Meetings. Chasing people by email and phone for things they haven’t done and have no intention of doing unless you kick their virtual asses up and down the interweb highway.

You need food fuel at the start of a day like that.

You need food that will make you feel like you have actually eaten something, so you don’t spend the next 8 hours feeling like you haven’t eaten anything. Feeling empty is a distraction that helps your mind to wander (like Homer Simpson and his internalised cymbal playing toy monkey):

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The Works – Breakfast, English Style

The English are good at doing a lot of things half-arsed. Public transport, Olympic stadia, politics, cable TV, car industry, steak – the list goes on. However one thing we know how to do properly is breakfast. No messing about with cheeses, melon balls and croissants (sorry Europe), none of this pouring syrup over bacon, and gravy over biscuits (what’s that all about America?). In the UK we do breakfasts that ‘set in’, preparing you for the busy, active, constructive day ahead (or you might just end up sitting on the sofa blogging).

Who said a cooked breakfast is bad for you? 3 of your 5 a day are right here!

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