Authentic Home-made Pizza for Cheats

We live in one of those places where there are more pizza take-aways than libraries.

Or schools.

Or Doctors, dentists, petrol stations, banks, bakeries, candelstick-makers and haberdasheries combined.

We get fliers through the door advertising pizza, and kebabs, curries, chinese, Thai, burgers, fried chicken and all other forms of crap and we buy none of it. Actually I like collecting these little pamphlets of death.

Anyway we decided we wanted pizza but despite the kids chanting ‘Dominoes’ over and over (okay so we may have picked up a flier in the past and given in to the ‘Buy One Get One Half Price – even though we charge you £15 for something that costs about £1 to create) – we decided home produced would be infinitely better than something delivered by a 50cc moped.

But we cheated:

For shame! ‘Tis the work of a slothly satan….

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Norfolk Plough Pudding

And the continuing adventures of British Regional Cuisine rolls on. We’ve tried Scouse from the Liverpool region. We’ve had a go at Cornish Pasties from…Cornwall. And we’ve done a load of other dishes but I can’t remember what or where they come from.
Today we’ll go for a dish from the flatlands. That’s the bit of England that CNN thought London was situated in. Norfolk is full of fields and farming and so on. And it’s where this week’s creation originates from. Personally I have some doubts. I mean basically Norfolk Plough Pudding is Steak and Kidney Pudding with pork instead of beef.

But who cares, it gives me an excuse to cook something utterly delicious and totally bad.

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Adventures in British Food – Glamorgan Sausages

In an attempt to remain patriotic and keep focused on these ‘Isles of Wonder’ (Isles of Wonder? Seriously I know the Games are good but the ‘Wonder’ thing might be stretching the point) I have been trawling the length and breadth of Britain looking for local dishes to recreate. (All this is of course done in the virtual sense. I’m not paying £120 to get a train to Bradford only to find they eat McDonalds).

So first to Wales – the land of dragons, daffodils and coal mines (Anyone noticed that on a map Wales has a profile like a pig’s head. No? What do you do with your free time? Interesting stuff that involves the outside?)

When I think of Welsh cuisine I think first lamb, then leeks, then Welsh Rarebit…and then I stop thinking. I found a recipe for Glamorgan Sausages and decided to give them a go – basically these are croquettes by any other name.

How do you turn this lot into sausages?

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Making it up as I go along – with chorizo

That heading (minus the chorizo bit) could go on my gravestone.

When I go food shopping after a hard day slaving over spreadsheets and Powerpoint I have a habit of buying random things in the hope that I will think up something to do with them later on.

Combine this potentially irritating (not to say expensive) trait with a tendancy to enjoy ‘cooking with wine’ and the culinary creations that result can be interesting to say the least. However in this instance (with a random packet of chorizo to hand) everything went according to (the nonexistent) plan:

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