Skirt Beef, Jack Daniels and Dumplings

Sometimes I feel my culinary repertoire is a bit limited. Every other dish I blog about is a lump of red meat, cooked for hours, in a thick sauce on a bed of mashed spuds. This creation is no exception, however along the way I learnt how to produce a clear stock (wow, gasp!).


As you can see this dish is booze heavy (well it was made during the ‘it’s the season to be jolly la,la,la,la, ha,la,la,la’). So you will need:

  • A couple of pounds of skirt stewing beef
  • a punnet of mushrooms
  • a couple of onions
  • a bunch of parsley
  • a large (and I mean large) dash of JD
  • A bottle of stout
  • bay leaves
  • home made beef stock

(For the dumplings you’ll need about 1 part of beef suet to 2 parts self-raising flour, with a bit of water to combine).

Now first off, the stock. Get some old beef bones (not too old, not green or anything) and put in a Dutch oven with some chopped veg, herbs and liquid (water, wine, port, sherry – anything really – not scotch or anything silly though):


Let that simmer away for a few hours. Meanwhile grab your skirt and cut into four big chunks:


Put them in a tub and cover with JD and stout. Leave to marinate for the same amount of time as you are bubbling the stock:


Once the stock is prepared sieve it into a jug; pretty cloudy, no?


Well let’s pass it through a paper towel and get rid of the nastiness:


It’s going to look much better now, right?


Wrong! It looks like I poured it through a bucket with a big hole in the bottom. Drastic action required; Get an egg. Separate and pour the egg white into the stock in a pan over a medium heat:


As the stock simmers the egg coagulates and something amazing happens:


The egg white draws out all the impurities and leaves a lovely clear stock!


I saw Raymond Blanc do this (you know, the French guy on TV who is always so happy and jolly you know he isn’t really).

Now what to do with this stock? Oh yes, ruin it by sticking it in a pot roast thing. Get your Dutch oven out again and fry off the meat:


Now fry up the onion and mushroom and add back the meat. Pour in some wine and stock and the marinade. Pop in the oven for a couple of hours at about 150 centigrade. Make the dumplings and pop them into the creation:


Cook for another twenty minutes. Then get out of the oven and add more red wine (after all, as my great, great Aunty’s dog said, ‘You can never have too much red wine’):


Continue to cook until any remaining booze has been drunk (sic) and then serve up:


But what is that skirt beef like? Let’s have a look inside:


Well it looks alright, but to be honest it was as tough as old boots – beef cheeks are miles better!

36 thoughts on “Skirt Beef, Jack Daniels and Dumplings

  1. And what’s wrong with blogging about hunks of meat? Plus I can’t see how you can go wrong pouring some Jack in there – I’ve been using it in a couple of recipes & it’s definitely a winner. Thanks for the egg white trick – who would have thought.
    Speaking of winners, I’ve just gotten around to acknowledging some awards I’ve received over the past couple of months & passed along the Blog of the Year Award to you. Love your blog & always enjoy your posts and humor.

  2. it all looks good, even though I don’t eat meat, I can still appreciate a beautifully prepared dish. Enjoy! Glad to reconnect with you this year…
    •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•

  3. To echo everyone else- that egg white trick is the bomb! Now, you sort of glossed over the dumplings. Do you have a post that explains how to make them? They’re on my “need to learn” list. My husband’s family has a great recipe for saurbraten but it’s supposed to have dumplings and I haven’t a clue as to how to proceed. The recipe just says “add dumplings”- NOT helpful.

  4. I loved the egg white trick. I’ve only heard of it, but seeing it with my own eyes, though in the photos, I’m convinced and I will try it next time I make my stock of demi glace. The food and the photos look so good! It’s not that cold for beef stew here yet but I’m looking forward to making it soon. Yum!

    • I think you need to put the egg white in when the stock is just bubbling – the French master did it on tele and he got more of a foam which means it takes out even more of the nasty bits

      • Never heard of the egg white trick. Sounds so crazy you know it has to be a french guy that thought it up. I’ll give it a try–a bit scared that I will end up with scarmbled egg taste in the broth, but I trust you enough to try it.
        BTW I already said this, but the new format and all look great!

  5. Congrats on the clear stock; I haven’t tried an egg white raft yet. Amazing the difference it makes! Too bad the steak didn’t turn out as good as you would have liked, after all that work!

  6. Great technique on clearing the stock with egg whites! Not sure if you would actually notice the difference in this particular dish. The most important thing is that you used beef stock made from scratch, and that will make all the difference! The beef probably needed much longer at an even lower temperature to become tender.

    • I think you’re right – skirt made cheeks taste like fillet. And yes I was going to just post the egg white thing but I get carried away – it was a waste to use it in that dish.

  7. That looks awesome. I never think to attempt dumplings. i do a lot of crock pot cooking so I should try dumplings! They would cook a treat in with my lump of red meat cooked for hours in a thick sauce on some spuds!

  8. Isn’t that an amazing trick with the egg whites? It’s like magic!

    This looks like a fantastic, stick-it-to-your-ribs meal. Whenever I see Jack and meat, I think of the Epic Meal Time Guys. Have you ever seen them?

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