Kale Potato Cakes with Wild Salmon Fillets

Salmon is a staple in this house because it is a protein we will both eat (the kids eat anything, unless its green). But hunting around, looking for exciting things to do with salmon can be quite tedious.

So when the wife came home with a big bag of kale (she does that, comes home with exciting new taste sensations – little pots of stuff, bags of greenery, although I must admit not usually unusual cuts of meat) I thought an opportunity had arisen to come up with something different.

So using all my powers of culinary creativity I came up with…..potato fritters, cakes patties, etc. But there is a sting in the tale – kale holds a secret I was unaware of…..

Potato and Kale Cakes

  • A big bag of kale, ready chopped (Purists may balk at this but it saves a lot of valuable time better spent eating and drinking)
  • One large red onion, chopped
  • Cold mashed potato – about 4 or 5 baking potatoes (mine had been made with butter and cream – not good for you but oh-so good!)
  • 1 inch cubes of cheddar cheese
  • Seasoning

First off fry the onion gently in a wok:

Then add the kale, which you’ve washed, and cook down:

Now chop the cold mash up and add to the wok:

Combine the ingredients, seasoning as required. Get some lumps of cheese and then form the potato mixture around them, making sure the cheese is fully covered to minimise cheese leakage during the cooking process:

Put the cakes in the fridge to firm up and get your salmon on (put in some foil with a bit of oil and/or butter) a splash of wine and some dill, maybe a touch of mustard)

Get a large skillet out and gently fry the cakes for about 5 or 6 mins each side:

Now serve up, ensuring you get a good look at the cheese oozing out of the middle.

And the kale? Well I wouldn’t bother – there’s no way round it; it’s bitter! I mean the bitterness is in the stalks but who’s got the patience or interest to sit there destalking kale? Just grab some cabbage.

28 thoughts on “Kale Potato Cakes with Wild Salmon Fillets

  1. Those patties look pretty awesome & now I’ve got something other than my zuppa toscano to put kale in. Frankly I never knew until recently that you could even eat that stuff – thought it was just for decoration. And, as it turns out, I did just make my soup & have some kale left over so this is a win/win (I wish you hadn’t told me it’s bitter since I never noticed that before.
    Salmon’s at least a once a week deal in our house & this looks like an excellent paring.

  2. Nice looking cakes. I’m with you on the kale. I cooked some recently. It suggested 5 minutes boiling. I boiled it for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Tough as old boots at every stage.
    Damn that kale.

  3. I love kale. It always amazes me how you start with a huge bunch of it and jt and end up after cooking with a thimble full. This is something I will have to give a try when the rain stops and I’m willing to float to the store.

  4. I love kale. For some reason, I don’t taste the bitterness unless I overcook it. I think it’s great raw!

    As a note, it’s really easy to de-stalk: just grasp the stalk in one hand and with the other hand, strip the leaves off in one quick motion. Takes about 5 seconds per leaf.

  5. Honestly mate, we always seem to operate on the same wavelength. October and November have been all about kale with me as I had developed a love hate relationship with it and am trying to make it positive. The ready chopped bags I feel are full of old, not young tender leaf kale, and yes, the stalks are disgusting… I am on the hunt for fresher stock, and am thinking wholefoods at the moment. Oct and Nov I tried kale chips (yuck!), kale salad (still shocked I ate raw kale) and kale, strawberry and banana smoothie (yummmmm, now you are talking!) In conclusion, I am sold on kale, great super duper food!

  6. They look very nice, but I’m not a fan of kale either… loads of recipes on the internet use it RAW! Spinach would be good though. I like the idea of forming the mash around a lump of cheese! 😀

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