How to Make Commuting Fun

Film yourself driving home and then speed it up and add a banging house tune to it.

This is about 1/2 of my daily drive home – but as it was Friday it took about an hour as opposed to 30 mins. I was so bored I filmed the whole thing.

How else can you entertain yourself stuck in this kind of drudge?

30 thoughts on “How to Make Commuting Fun

  1. Good way to enjoy your commute although I think an accident could have spiced things up a bit. I could have used some entertainment myself Friday night driving in to Boston – usually a 40 min. drive that took 2 hours. It’s like trying to get 10 lbs. into a 5 lb. bag sometimes.

  2. Wow! What a drive! I noticed {slow} on the roads, but everyone looks to be going super fast! Almost like a video game of driving. Love it, interesting 🙂

    • So how does that work in practice? I mean you have to just watch for people coming from nowhere? I mean what is thinking… I was once on a freeway in Atlanta where the exit lane was on the left on a ramp that just sort of emerged out of the road it was the craziest thing i have ever experienced. Except for driving in Spain, which was something i will not do in anything but a hire car

        • interesting – round here yesterday a driver got in a fuddle with her satnav and ended driving down a tramline and getting stuck – i’d like to see what would happen if they introduced such a scheme over here.

  3. Looks like you could entertain yourself in any situation. Fun to watch all the “SLOW” signs go flashing past in high speed.

    • Oh we don’t bother with Slow signs. Or anything like that. Although we do love the way you can turn right on a red light in the States. And I also Love the ringway motorway around San Francisco – I went on that one and got lost. One way it was called something like the ‘M25’. The other way it was called something else. I got totally lost. I asked directions at 3 different gas stations. They were all from Mexico. One of them couldnt understand me – I said ‘why’ – he said ‘Are you German?’ Jesus Wept. No mate I’m British.

    • Well naturally I wouldn’t put me or anyone else at risk. Unless they got in my way or held me up; in which case they are as good as dead. Having typed that the creation you have posted looks like a bloody good idea – Putting the camera on the side mirror would work a treat…

  4. every day? gosh my commute is leaving home about 8:55 and walking to work for about 9:00… have to cross 3 roads and pass one traffic light, basically is the time it takes for a Coldplay song to play in my i-phone…. I am saying “lucky you” to a lot of things I read in blogs, this is certainly not one of them…. 😉

    • Yes I’ve read this kind of thing before – But South East England is the place to live apparently – God knows what Newcastle is like. Well I do know but I’m not telling. There was a very funny chap who lives in Italy somewhere who described his commute as getting out of bed and walking down the stairs. The congestion consisted of his Mrs and the dog coming the other way. Good luck to him!

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