Summer Strawberry Layer Dessert with Rain, Hail and Thunder

Saturday afternoon, the rain won’t stop and to be honest it’s all getting a bit tedious. I mean in April most of England was served a Hosepipe Ban meaning we couldn’t water the garden (oh dear, what a shame), wash our cars (that’s what car washes are for) or do anything else using water outside (oh no, how will I fill my 100m heated swimming pull with integrated jacuzzi?).

That very next day it started raining. And, three months later, it hasn’t stopped. So guess what the water companies did last week. Yes they lifted the hosepipe ban. Oh sweet irony. Who needs hosepipes? We’re flooding people, we need sandbags! Gardens around here look like tropical rainforests. God this country is so stupid sometimes.

What’s this got to do with Strawberry Layer Dessert? Nothing. But I was bored stuck in the house and snuffling round the fridge found some pastry, strawberries and cream and so, refering to the BBC Good Food website decided to devise a creation.

First off unroll a sheet of puff pastry onto some parchment paper and cover with another sheet of parchment:

Then place a baking sheet on top and bake in the oven at 180 centigrade for about 20 mins:

The pastry is cooked but hasn’t risen, making it crisp like a biscuit. Now sprinkle icing sugar over the surface and place under the grill to caramelise:

This is the tricky bit – you need to watch it carefully to make sure it doesn’t start burning. Naturally I wasn’t careful enough and it caught a bit:

Doesn’t matter – you can scrape off the burnt bits and have another go with some more icing sugar. Now cut the pastry into squares whilst still warm:

Leave the squares to cool and prepare the cream. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to a pot of double cream with about 100 grammes of caster sugar:

Whisk until it holds its shape but not too thick.

Chop up a punnet of strawberries and you’re ready to put the creation together. There are two ways to do this. First in a kind of random pile and the second in a more orderly layer creation. For the random approach put a big dollop of cream on a plate and top with strawberries:

Now stick some of the pastry slices into it, add some more cream and strawberries and finish off with a drizzle of coulis (raspberry was the choice here)

Looks okay, but as the Mrs found, a bit messy to eat:

So I had another go, creating a more orderly, layered version:

It wasn’t any easier to eat but looks a lot neater!

23 thoughts on “Summer Strawberry Layer Dessert with Rain, Hail and Thunder

    • No its just Britain. Apparently the Jet Stream which is causing this washout is moving back North where it belongs next week just in time for the start of the Games!

  1. I have been feeling so sorry for myself with all the rain. Then this morning I heard on BBC 3 that conservation groups have reported that the weather is inflicting substantial damage upon wildlife, and numerous species of birds and butterflies are struggling. Their outlook for next year was described as “grim.” So now I feel sorry for the birds and the butterflies.

    Nice rainy day dessert!

  2. Rain, is that where water falls from the sky and drenches the earth? It’s been 110 here this past week and blessedly we’re down to mid 90’s this weekend. Our air conditioning decided to break down in the middle of it and an angel dressed as an A/C technician saved me from throwing myself in the lake. Dessert looks yummy. What time shall we show up?

  3. Ahhhh.. I love that second one!! Very pretty construction!! We suffered that rain and it just lifted last week and we had a scorcher of a Stampede. I will hope that yours lifts as well, it is so easy to get down when it pours endlessly like that. Your dessert would lift the spirits for certain!!

  4. Yes, poor weather indeed 😦 Thankfully, we’re running out on you guys, moving to Charleston, SC, for the next three years. I seriously never thought I would live somewhere with so much rain!! I am a bit thankful for the weather at this particular time, though, because I’m one day overdue with my baby, and the last baby was born at the end of August in Hawaii where it was miserably hot. So believe me, the cool wet weather is just fine for staying indoors while incubating a baby 🙂 But for anything else, it’s ridiculous. At least we didn’t get hail [today] like you did! The dessert looks delicious! Hey, and what’s a punnet?

    • Yes I don’t blame you for heading somewhere (anywhere) where the weather is more clement – sa for punnets – thats a Wimbledon word (you know strawberries and cream territory) for box!

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