Random Red Thai Curry

When I started this blog I had no idea where I was going with it. And I still don’t. Apparently best practice dictates you have a theme. And you stick to it. So you get food blogs. You get travel blogs. Photography. Films. Books. Politics. And so on. I started by trying to be funny. That didn’t work.

So then I did a post where I made a chicken curry using a Chinese curry paste. And I got loads of likes and comments. So I carried on. But food blogs are dangerous. You eat what you make. And I don’t really do exercise posts.

So the Happiness Stan Blog has turned into a kind of food blog liberally sprinkled with observations about what is going on in the small world it lives in. It’s not an Epicurian’s delight. I cheat and cut corners where ever possible. Take Thai Curry for example. You can (and I have) create the curry paste from scratch – chop the chillis, peel the lime grass etc. Or just buy a jar of ready made and be done with it:

So to create Red Thai Curry you’ll be needing:

  • One jar Red Thai Curry Paste
  • Red Peppers
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Coriander
  • Coconut Cream (and milk)
  • Big Prawns
  • Soy Sauce

First off get your brand new, copper-bottomed wok and heat up with some oil:

Chop up the veg with a nice big sharp shiny knife:

Now get a couple of spoons of red curry paste and fry gently in the wok:

Now add the veg and fry up for a few minutes:

Add the coconut (cream first, then the milk):

Once its all stirred in add the prawns:

Cook for a few mins until the prawns go pink and then serve with plain rice:

So there you go. Its not too hot (the Green Thai paste you can buy is much hotter) and it takes about 15 minutes to make (if you concentrate). Happy munching!

25 thoughts on “Random Red Thai Curry

  1. Love curry, and I have made it from scratch but it is labor intensive, and you also need a lot of ingredients. So much easier to keep a jar of it in the fridge. It’s definitely one of the corners I cut when cooking.

  2. I think it doesn’t matter if you’re not a food purist… most of us don’t have the time or the interest in starting every single thing we eat from scratch. Love the shortcuts and the point of view. I especially love your blog title — we need to hear more from happy people!

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