England in a Nutshell – Shakespeare and Cricket

So when we we have nothing to do we hit the local park. Its improved a lot since I spent my youth there downing cider and smoking fags (for those not familiar with English phraseology ‘fags’ is short for cigarettes – stop sniggering you call backsides ‘fannies’).

In this modern age our local park has much better facilites – even a cafe – and the security cameras minimise vandalism. All very nice. But this particular day we arrived to find the local amateur dramatics group had set up camp to rehearse:

Quite bizzare even by my ‘whatever’ standards. I mean it’s not like the local kids gave a toss – they carried on screaming and messing around while the actors performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ like it was all business as usual.

Here’s a little snippet (the chap with long hair and a beard is playing a woman – sorry I don’t do Shakespeare so I have no idea what is going on):

I like the little kid being dragged off stage by his mother. Anyway by now we’d had enough so we headed off. Only to be faced with another great English tradition: cricket. Now for anyone outside the old Empire cricket is the strangest of sports. Its a bit like baseball but it takes days to play a game and a result is not guaranteed.

Its played anywhere you can find a flat piece of lawn. Everyone wears white and you throw a red ball at a bloke with a bat as fast as you can and he hits it as hard as he can:

So that’s a typical Saturday afternoon in sunny June. Well there wasn’t much sun. Actually whilst the States experience a massive heatwave we Brits are literally drowning…we’re having the worst summer ever. Seriously!

14 thoughts on “England in a Nutshell – Shakespeare and Cricket

  1. Shakespeare by the slides huh?Bet here in the states you’d have to pay to get a permit to do that . . . It’s nice to know there are weirdos doing Shakespeare everywhere, not just in the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Seattle. Great blog by the way!

  2. Funny! Spent Saturday evening at local National Trust site, in pouring rain, watching Much Ado about Nothing!! Great night – thank goodness for hot chocolate and sleeping bags though!

  3. You crack me up – love the cricket description! Btw – I call backsides, backsides or bum’s (but that’s just to bother my mom. ;P ) And the states would gladly take your rain to put out all the wild fires, if you’ll accept the 105*+ weather from the East. As for men in dresses…. I’ll just go to my local Walmart for such entertainment.

    • Yes Ive seen what goes on in Walmart there’s that website – it just looks like another planet in there…In the UK you’re banned from wearing pyjamas in supermarkets – i think people started trying to emulate the Americans…

  4. Given the history of pedophilia here in Ireland, if men in dresses started hanging around the local playground, they would be bottled or arrested or both. Would serve them right too, making all that racket.

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