Celebrating Mediocrity with a Pimms

Well, depending on where you come from you may or may not be aware that the ‘beautiful game’ is engaged in it’s second most important tournament.

Yes it’s the Euro’s. Not the money debacle. The football debacle. And that’s football with a round ball thanks. Every four years the ever expanding mess that is Europe engages in an orgy of cliches, play-acting on the pitch, incompetent referees and dangerously drunk ‘fans’ ‘interacting’ with ‘locals’ (i.e riots) in small villages and piazzas.

It’s bloody great. And this time its in those most European of countries Poland and Ukraine. Yes the states that respectively brought you…well sausage and the beginning of the end for Hitler, are hosts. So what if they are about as European as North Dakota? This year’s Eurovision was held in Uzbekistan – and that’s nearer India than France.

Now at about this time we English who decide to follow the action from our armchairs get all patriotic. We get behind our team. And, with tedious repetition, our hopes and dreams of footballing glory get dashed upon the rocks of despair (or to put it another way, we get beaten by Germany, usually in a penalty shoot-out).

Anyway we began the campaign yesterday with a draw against France (another great quirk with the beautiful game is that you don’t always need a winner). And to celebrate this outstanding achievment we at Happinessstan celebrated with a glass of that quintessentially English brew – Pimms!

Pimms is a Gin-based liqueur as old as the dawn of time. And you know its British (English, whatever) because it has a Union Jack slapped all over the bottle. Traditionally its served with lemonade over ice with the following additions:

  • Orange segments
  • Strawberries
  • Mint
  • Cucumber

Its designed for summer parties where you don’t want to get completely wrecked but also don’t like the idea of having to remain in a state of complete sobriety with people you don’t know for hours on end.

Its dead easy – 1 part Pimms to 3 parts lemonade poured into a jug of ice. Then stir in the fruits and things and pour into tumblers with a swizzle stick:

Pimms – one of your five a day

Yes we don’t mind Pimms in this household. Should help numb the pain of another Euro Championship failure.

29 thoughts on “Celebrating Mediocrity with a Pimms

  1. Pimms always reminds me of my Dad. He absolutely loves the stuff. I remember making the same concoction years back except without the strawberries.

    Strange though, the bottle we have at home doesnt have the Union jack on it. Its a plain cream/white label with ‘Pimms’ written in red. Catering for the international market maybe?

  2. Stan – i’ve had an eye operation and all I could see for a week was blurry images of footballers running around. It has made England look like world beaters – and no bloody Motson to ruin it either. It will go pear shaped as always but with blurred vision the pain will be bareable! Pimms is cool too.

  3. Too funny! I have tried it once in a marketplace in London in the fall — looking forward to the cold fruity version of it 🙂 We are Americans living over here for a year, and I think it’s fun that I actually understand some of the things you’re saying on the posts I’ve checked out *only because we live here.* Like the kitchen remodel. Man, wish the place we have could get one of those!! It’s like the designer of every British house I’ve seen built before…well I’ve seen one modern house built in the last few years with a nice kitchen (not amazing, but nice) okay so every British house built longer than five years ago eats out for every meal or something. The kitchen of every house I’ve been in (maybe 6-10 houses) is completely inadequate. And what’s with the washer in the kitchen??? Is that to just shackle the housewife to the kitchen for even more hours of her day!?! In America we like to have kitchens where you can prepare food, and clean up from eating, while still being a part of the family. Open plans they’re called. We also like to have double sinks – one to wash, one to rinse! And not this single sink with your drying dishes right next to it (on the oh-so-conveniently-located built in dish strainer) where they can get repeatedly splashed with either water or food as you try to rinse of the food from other dishes into the little center sink that has a strainer. And the sinks aren’t very deep, so any amount of water pressure used with even just a utensil and splash! you’re splashing the counter with water. I know, I know, I should just be thrilled that there’s an electric dishwasher, but I’m on a rampage now 🙂 And what about garbage disposals in sinks. Ever heard of them?? Or a sprayer attachment to spray out big things so you don’t have to contort yourself trying to get it under the inadequate faucet? And I haven’t even begun to mention the inadequate cupboard and counter space…ok ok enough already. I’ll just go back to my own stinkin’ country 🙂 Hahaha we move back in August, and the kitchen in the new house will determine what house we have. That’s it, nothing else, just the kitchen. We can all hang out in the day in and day out for all I care since it’s gonna be awesome!

  4. Don’t give up so soon! It’s more interesting to root for the underdog. Pimm’s recipe looks like a good summer drink, guests or no. How about Pimm’s and mint for a julep?

    • Just looked that one up – bourbon is my spirit of choice – I can’t handle Scotch. As for giving up, dear old England is still waiting to win something since the last time – which was 1966. That’s before man landed on the moon. Puts it all in perspective.

  5. You think you have the European Championships bad over there? Here in Ireland, we do our celebrating up front. 30,000 of us thought it wise to travel to Poznan to cheer the team on to a 3 1 defeat. There are council estates festooned with green white and orange bunting. Numerous flags with “You’ll never beat the Irish” hang from windows. Every second car in the state has flags and mirror socks showing our national colours.

    The day before the match, I saw a news vendor with his advertising board saying EURO EXODUS BEGINS. I am so disinterested, I thought it was a political / economic story.

    As I’ve heard it said, if they were playing in the back garden, I’d pull the curtains.
    Yours in (rugby) football,

  6. I had it at a wedding once and then ordered one while sailing on the Queen Mary. I have wanted to have the recipe for summer for 3 years now. Thank you! (Sometime the things that seems simplest are wanted most)

  7. I was quite excited that Denmark, my second home, actually beat Holland! Perhaps I should celebrate with an aquavit… oh wait aquavit is disgusting! Carlsberg it is.

    Good Luck.

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