Traditional British Sandwich Solutions – Classic BLT

Well of course no one can prove where the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich originated from so I am hereby claiming it for Britain.

Mmm…something missing….

For the perfect BLT you will need:

  • Dry Cured Back Bacon
  • Tomatoes (Baby Plums are good)
  • Lettuce (I think the example here was a Gem)
  • Crusty White Loaf (unsliced)
  • English Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter

Step 1

Grill the bacon. Don’t be shy, cook it all. If you think you can make this thing healthy by skimping on the ingredients then forget it. In fact if you’re counting food points then grab the granola and run.

Step 2

Slice two super-thick slices of bread. Super-thick not just for gluttony reasons but also because this is a pragmatic build. The thicker the bread the better able it is to hold the enormous quantity of filling ingredients.

Then spread with butter, mayo and mustard. Mmm, you could skip the butter if you really wanted to…

Step 3

Once the bacon is cooked to your liking begin the build. Start with the bacon:

Step 4

Then a layer of sliced tomatoes:

Step 5

Finally a layer of lettuce leaves:

Step 6

Top the sandwich and cut in half diagonally and take photos of the insides in close up so you can drool at the multiple layers of juiciness. Okay just eat the thing:

Tony Blair stated this was his favourite food. And if its good enough for him then its good enough for me. Possibly.

21 thoughts on “Traditional British Sandwich Solutions – Classic BLT

  1. Laughed my way through your post, then totally feel apart on the comments. Loved the post, and your follows share your great sense of humor!

  2. Oh, I see how it is. First you guys invent the English language (and use it far better than the average American), then you steal Rock n Roll from us and make it better, then do the same with punk, then hip hop…and now you lay claim to the BLT by posting mouth watering photos of a better looking sandwich than I’ve ever found here in the states.
    I give up. We should have just stayed a colony.
    Seriously though, thats a mighty sandwich there. Thanks for posting.

    • Well there a couple of things you guys can’t be beat on. Burgers for one. And then you have baseball but we’ve only got rounders. Then there’s that thing with getting to the moon. We’re still trying to work out how you did that.

  3. This is BLT season! Tomatoes are at their peak now. The only suggestion is to eat it over the sink because the tomatoes are at their juicy prime in the summer. Down here a ‘mater sandwich is the answer to an abundance of ripe ones: two slices of white bread, mayonnaise, and sliced tomatoes. And yes eat it over the sink.

  4. A fine looking loaf of bread. Good to see you are not afraid of the mustard. You should try the Colmans mustard powder and mix your own. Guaranteed to clear the sinuses and water the eyes every time. Nothing like it.

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