Britain loves Holidays

Every now and then we get Bank Holidays in the UK. Other countries have days off for things like winning independence. You know who you are. Afghanistan celebrates Mujahideen Victory Day. And in Turkmenistan they spend a day celebrating melons.

In the UK we are a bit more…pragmatic. We celebrate banking. Well we used to. Bank holidays were introduced because things got a bit silly way back when and we had 33 public holidays, so some mean spirited old sod reduced them to 4. Toss-pot. Probably a Conservative (the American equivalent of a Republican).

Anyway every time there is a Bank holiday we all now get a day off. And because our Queen has managed 60 years on the throne (only the second time in history that has happened – anyone care to guess which other monarch has managed that?) we got TWO days off.

And every time we get a holiday the Daily Mail (bless that newspaper) tells us the economy loses £3 billion through lack of activity. Balls? Maybe not. Check out one of our local small business’ opening hours over the holiday period:

Seriously. This is our local nail and tanning salon (obviously I don’t frequent this establishment – the Mrs noticed it). I love the thought process here.

‘Lets close for the holidays on Monday and Tuesday’

‘And we don’t open on Sunday anyway’

‘Oh sod it lets just forget Saturday too’

‘Smart, where’s the Pimms’?

Good old Britian – our work ethic is unsurpassed!

25 thoughts on “Britain loves Holidays

  1. Good on us to have a bit of a doss – the Sun always moans at Xmas about how much time we’ve had off – Gradgrinds the lot of them. Still hopefully a few behind behind bars soon.

    By the way in Starbucks i have my name as R. Soul – backfired on me that one.

  2. When you mentioned “bank holiday” I thought of the banks closing during the 1930s; that’s what it was called. And congratulations to Queen Elizabeth – she’s going to exceed Queen Victoria’s reign.
    Were the fast food places closed for the Bank Holiday?

  3. Victoria? Was she the other Diamond Jubilee? Thank you so much for visiting ‘the vampire diet’…from London no less 😀 My husband works for a company that has offices there, so I like to tease him that “London Is Calling”, especially since we are both Doctor Who loving, BBC America watching aspiring Anglophiles.

    • You’re right! I’m a card carrying lover of American TV. Nothing beats American comedies and now the kids are old enough to get things like The Middle and Modern Family I can watch them and pretend I’m just watching them because the kids are.

      • Haha!

        Yes, but after the embarrassment of the George W. Bush presidency, some of us were wondering if independence was such a great idea . . . 🙂

        Is that really unpatriotic of me? Am I going to be attacked by Republicans?

        • Everybody thinks it – you’re just saying it! I work for an American company and people just steered clear of the whole subject when he got re-elected. Also no one seems to think Obama won’t be re-elected now.

          • Yeah. I have to just add that Bush actually did not win re-election, he got the presidency handed to him by a conservative Supreme Court after a horrible recount in Florida.

            Well. That’s the story I’m sticking with 😉

            I actually worry that Obama won’t be re-elected. Never underestimate the power of closet racists. No one wants to say that out loud either, but there was a paper just published by an academic at Harvard showing that the parts of the country that Obama lost also had the highest number of google searches for racist terms.

          • Now thats some research! The British are terrified of being politically incorrect. We still carry a massive collective guilt complex about being Imperialist Conquerors – even though that was all a long long time ago…

  4. Really that is amazing and funny as well. When we were in London it took 6 people on the restaurant staff to figure out what tartar sauce was when I asked for it with my fish and chips. Finally, they brought me a tureen of marinara sauce. None of them were British so this a safe story to tell.

  5. And it gets worse: because small businesses are OOO, we have to do things ourselves! I could not get any painters to quote so I decided to spend the whole week painting. No business for them – though I may spend the savings elsewhere!

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