I can’t work under these conditions…

…So we got a new kitchen. You think I’m kidding? Take a look at this…

Kitchen? No, this is Dante’s Inferno…

Something had to be done about it. We have a cosey home. Not too much space to spread out. So we have to be creative with our space. But to cut a long story short we turned the rubbish tip above into this…

It’s great. We’ve got a five-burner hob, a washer/dryer that is hidden away and light. Light all over the place. It took a month. First we put graffiti all over the walls:

Then the wall came down:

And the ceiling didn’t collapse!

Then the new bits started to go in:

And finishing touches like shiny metal sockets! God I love those sockets…

And now I’m going to cook things. Lots of things…

What shall I cook? How shall I Christen this bad boy of bad boys?

59 thoughts on “I can’t work under these conditions…

  1. Congratulations on the remodel it looks great! We did a complete kitchen remodel 5 years ago, I had been carrying around ideas of what I wanted for years and was told by many it was not possible. A good designer who listened to my dreams and helped make it a reality. Removing walls, light colored cabinets and great lighting make all th difference. Enjoy your new kitchen!!

  2. Wow! Beautiful job on your kitchen – I love it! With all that gorgeous white, I have to suggest christening it by making a huge, simmering vat of marinara or bolognese sauce. Congrats on your lovely new room!

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  4. Looks fabulous, and so bright and clean…. all you need now is a jam-making session, with lots of steam, stickiness and red berries to christen it! 😉

  5. I did a massive reno in my kitchen as well… I went with black counter tops, and white cupboards too. Seems to be a trend! Your kitchen looks fantastic, and I bet you’ll just LOVE cooking in it!
    I’ve been tossing around the idea of subway tiles for my backsplash too… I’m torn between these horribly expensive brushed stainless ones that I LOVE, and the white ones that I wasn’t sure would be too much white… it looks fantastic! I may not have to wait until I win a lottery to install my backsplash tile now…LOL

  6. Wow! What a transformation, looks great. I really like how you extended the counter on the end so you have a place to sit – that’s been my beef w/the box of an island I’m looking to replace. I think I’d just sit and look at it for a while. I mean, why mess it up?

  7. Congrats on the new kitchen! It’s hard to live through a renovation, but sure worth it in the end. I have white cupboards and black countertops too, but lucky me, the kitchen had been redone before we moved in and it was just to my taste. Enjoy your cooking adventures in your new space!

  8. Kitchens are everything for me when I look for a house. Looks great. The black and white is simply calling out for red roses and an excellent bottle of wine. I’m just saying.

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