Thing’s I wouldn’t want to see on my first day in a new job…


Yes this (unsigned) letter apparently welcomes new starters at the world’s loveliest ‘Evil Corporation’. It alludes to risking one’s life (by sodding around in the deep end) and using up weekends where requried. Apparently this company supports the ‘live to work’ ethos.

This is an internal PR’s wet dream. It’s also a bit sad and slightly unsettling.

Oh and by the way if people don’t play it safe at Apple how come the iPad 3 is basically an iPad 2 (which is basically an iPad 1)?

Have a better day now you know the company you work for doesn’t expect you to drown at the weekend. Unless you work for Apple. In which case you probably don’t have time to write blogs. Or eat. Or go to the loo.

19 thoughts on “Thing’s I wouldn’t want to see on my first day in a new job…

  1. I was at a memorial service lately where a colleague of the deceased went on about that person’s work ethic and how she was so willing to put in extra time, etc. And I sat there thinking, how sad, I bet her family wishes now she’d spent that time with them or for herself. As a workaholic in recovery (I should start a group!) that really resonated with me. Pleased to report I’m writing this from my home office overlooking the back verandah and a glorious spring morning, while on two weeks’ holiday. Yes, it’s really busy at work, but they can be busy without me for a while!

  2. Your work is not your life. After my near fatal accident, things that used to be important no longer were. The unimportant things were working nights, weekends, and holidays. Been there, done that – NO MORE!!

  3. Hahaha, this is so innocuously evil. Not work that you WANT to sacrifice your weekends for: work that you WOULD sacrifice them for if your supervisor threatened you menacingly enough. Nice observation about the ipads too 😛

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