Brangelina in Starbucks

Guess what the post popular post on this blog is. You know, the one with the most ‘likes’. The one with the most comments. Is it the ‘Chocolate Torte‘ recipe? Close, but not quite. Well what about the one with the ‘Shard‘, Western Europe’s tallest building? Not a chance. No, its the one where I rant at Starbucks for asking us our names when we order coffee.

Everyone likes to read a rant about an evil corporation. So I promised the next time we went to Starbucks I would not give our names. And we didn’t:

Funny thing is – the girl who served me didn’t even raise an eyebrow which has got me thinking I must look like Brad. Obviously the wife is Angie’s doppleganger. Goes without saying.

Who’s got the guts to go into Starbucks and call themselves something stupid?

25 thoughts on “Brangelina in Starbucks

  1. Lol. What I want to know is: what were the reactions of the other patrons when ‘Brad and Angie’ was called out? Were there any raised eyebrows and excitement?

  2. I’m almost jealous this is your top ranking post – my “most shared” is not one of my posts but my “about” page with nothing but a fat-apped picture of my face. I’m not sure how to take this…

  3. Ha – I don’t even have the guts to go into a Starbucks! Don’t know what to order but I know everyone will stop talking & stare at me if I say “could I please have a cup of coffee?” Feels like a bad commercial or something.

  4. Haha! That’s funny. Once my daughter Pilar and I went to Starbucks and called ourselves two weird names (can’t remember now) and we couldn’t stop laughing like two idiots… but you just opened a whole new world, next time I’ll be Oprah 😉

  5. The coffee is over roasted. This is to get the last bit out of the beans. It makes little difference if the coffee is going into a pint of cream and sugar to make some frapachino crapachino. The namechecking you to help them with their lack of customer service is unbelievable. Their sandwiches are overpriced and an affront to the tastebuds. This amplified by the fact that you have to go to get your namechecked coffee and then return to get the un-namechecked part cold part hot sandwich after they have shouted “Croque Monsieur” enough times to start a fight between you and some other idiot who has had the misfortune to order the same dross. Ahhh, the power of the brand.

  6. SOOOO love this! To keep our name out of the phone book, which normally you have to pay $5 a month for, we used to use the name “T. Dumb”, since we weren’t required to use our actual names. Which also had the added benefit of letting us know when a solicitor was calling because they’d ask for “Mr. or Mrs. Dumb”. To which I’d reply “I’m sorry, Tweedles not here right now.” and hang up. Bahahaha!

    I am so using this idea!! (Well, we don’t actually go to Starbucks, but at a restaurant at least!)

  7. That’s so funny!

    Actually, I don’t think I know any American who gives a fake name at Starbucks. I don’t even think we give it a second thought. I tend to wander off and start looking under tables to see where the outlets are for my laptop, so I kind of appreciate it when they shout my name.

  8. I don’t go to Starbucks very often (bitter coffee) but when I do I am tempted to give them my real, but not from here, name – and drive them round the bend trying to spell and say it. Makes me smile. On the inside, obviously. I keep a really serious face to make them get it.

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