Breakfast Solutions 101

It’s simple really – if you ‘need to feed’ get some eggs and some bread and combine, right? French Toast (for those from the right side of the tracks) or Gypsy Toast (if you fell between the lines) – but its the same thing in the end…

All you need to do is whisk some eggs (two per person) with a bit of pepper. I like to add a bit of creme fraiche if its available. Then soak some white bread (it has to be white because its absorbent properties are superior) in the egg mix.

Now get a big skillet and melt some olive oil and butter:

Simply fry those bad boy slices until golden:

How you eat this breakfast (and this truly will break your fast) is up to you. Try it straight up, or with honey. Or if you’re a real Philistine smother it in ketchup:

Stick a glass of orange juice in there to make yourself feel better.

Now I’m interested: what is your breakfast of choice (diets and conscience not included)?

16 thoughts on “Breakfast Solutions 101

  1. Gypsy toast? Never heard that term before.
    I love French toast with castor/icing sugar. Simple and sweet.
    My fav breakfast? When I’m really hungry I love a good fry-up-fried eggs, grilled tomato, bacon, baked beans and lots of buttered toast! 😀

  2. This is my favorite breakfast.. I said “Oh no!!” out loud when I saw the ketchup, lol! I know there’s a recipe out there that is make ahead.. but why would you when this is so easy!!

  3. French toast makes a great breakfast. Letting the bread soak overnight (if you’re that organized) makes a custardy texture. We like all tradtional breakfast items like fried eggs, bacon, etc. My favorite order when at a restaurant is biscuits & gravy. And it is OK to eat an egg every day – actually better than sugary cereals.

  4. I would have to say French toast (agree w/you on the type of bread you need) but I do it with cinnamon & a touch of nutmeg. Now if one should happen to have bacon hanging around – there’s NOTHING like bacon!

  5. Eggy bread with bacon is particularly special. Especially if you cook the bacon first then fry the bread in the same pan. It’ll make your arteries weep with delight.

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