Brain Food Breakfast – when muesli just isn’t going to cut it.

So you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Spreadsheets. Powerpoint. Meetings. Chasing people by email and phone for things they haven’t done and have no intention of doing unless you kick their virtual asses up and down the interweb highway.

You need food fuel at the start of a day like that.

You need food that will make you feel like you have actually eaten something, so you don’t spend the next 8 hours feeling like you haven’t eaten anything. Feeling empty is a distraction that helps your mind to wander (like Homer Simpson and his internalised cymbal playing toy monkey):

You don’t need porridge or muesli. You need a Mega Breakfast Wrap:

For a Mega Breakfast Wrap you will need:

  • Chopped up smoked bacon (or lardons)
  • Black sausage
  • Two eggs
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mushrooms (these were shiitake)
  • Some wraps
  • Ketchup

First gently fry the lardons to release the fat:

Then one by one add the pudding, tomatoes and mushrooms to cook slowly:

Meanwhile beat two eggs and then cook on a flat skillet to form a thin omelette (don’t stir or it will scramble)

Now build the wrap. Start with the base, and lay the egg on top:

Now layer on the meaty filling:

Finally slather with ketchup. I would have drowned this but I ran out of the red stuff:

Now wrap! Serve with steaming sweet tea.

My favourite breakfast which I do rarely because its obviously so bad for you.

But as my Grandma used to say ‘I little of what you fancy does you good’ and she made it to 86. Minus a leg. Happy eating and do share your favourite breakfast experiences. So long as it isn’t a bowl of bird seed – I don’t want to feel bad.

13 thoughts on “Brain Food Breakfast – when muesli just isn’t going to cut it.

  1. Much better than what I ate this morning…three Oreos and two Diet Cokes…I need serious breakfast intervention and an elliptical training session…

  2. Ooh yummy, except for the black pudding bit! ;P

    I’m usually happy with avocados on toast for breakfast or even beans on toast. I’m a simple girl. 🙂

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