Brioche and Butter Pudding

In the States they do burgers like you wouldn’t believe. And why are they so good? The beef, right? No. Well then its all the sauce and cheese. No, again. Its the buns. They serve up burgers in brioche buns. (Well steak houses do anyway). But in good old Britain (or England, or UK or whatever) we don’t get brioche buns. We get loaves, we get finger rolls, but we don’t get buns. But we don’t care. We really don’t.

We make bread and butter pudding with brioche instead and it tastes like an angel dying on your tongue (is that in some way inappropriate?)

To make Brioche and Butter Pudding you’ll be needing:

  • Brioche slices
  • Butter
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Double Cream
  • Butter
  • A taste of honey

First you butter up the brioche slices and then place them in a buttered-up dish. Then sprinkle some raisins and sugar and spice over them:

Then you heat up the milk and cream (don’t boil it) and mix in some beaten up eggs (whisked up with some sugar). I don’t know what would happen if you did boil that milk but I didn’t want to find out. Once mixed pour over your bread.

Then sprinkle some more spice and some sugar over the top and leave to soak for half and hour. Then put in the oven for another half hour.

Serve with double cream. The English call it ‘double’. Americans call it ‘heavy’. I prefer ‘double’. It kind of doesn’t imply ‘lose weight’.

Seriously good. You could use chocolate brioche. That would be the ‘up-yours-world’ version though.

27 thoughts on “Brioche and Butter Pudding

  1. This looks amazing, bread and butter pudding is such a nostalgic food for me and I was actually going to make it soon – so will have to give this version a try

    • Here’s the list i think I used (in ounces)

      • 1oz butter, plus extra for greasing
      • 8 slices brioche
      • 2oz sultanas
      • 2 tsp cinnamon powder
      • 12fl oz whole milk
      • 2fl oz double cream
      • 2 free-range eggs
      • 1oz granulated sugar
      • nutmeg, grated

  2. Yum, but I really shouldn’t read your blog at lunchtime, this bread and butter pudding is very nice but highly inappropriate for the likes of me who is trying to cut out sugar from my diet. And to read that you suggest pan au chocolat as an alternative, what a heavenly idea. But who ever has leftovers?
    Stale French bread is good. But I’ve stopped eating that. Sigh.
    The secret to a good bread and butter pudding is to let it soak for a hour before baking.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I had a nice Bread and Butter Pudding but this really does look delicious.

    OK,time to get off the computer and make some!

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. Nothing like good ol’ bread and butter pudding on a cold day!

    I had no idea what ‘brioche’ was until now. The chocolate version sounds very appealing. If I can’t get brioche, is there another way I can incorporate chocolate into this classic? Or is that blasphemy?
    Yours sincerely
    A chocoholic xxx

  5. Love the phrase “…angel dying on your tongue.” Bread pudding is a rich, delicious dessert in the southeast. Liberal use of butter, cream, and sugar while assembling. A hard sauce with bourbon is the perfect topping (after baking). Yours looks delicious with the raisins, cinnamon, and rich bread.

      • Well yes, bourbon or rum is part of a hard sauce. You whip softened butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla until it is fluffy yet firm. Then slowly add bourbon, rum, or cognac. Use immediately on the bread pudding. Part of the sauce will melt, coating the pudding thoroughly while the remaining sauce is like whipped cream.

        • I have a bunch of semi-stale Krispy Creme donuts in the fridge – I could create Krispy Creme & Butter Pudding with this sauce. I’m sure there are those who might say this would be madness but then as Henry Ford said – if you asked a customer what he had wanted to get around in he would have said a faster horse. Got to push the boundaries!

  6. A friend makes this using the cheapest sliced pan. He uses too much better and tends to cook it in a too hot oven. It comes out burnt on top, stodgy at best and uncooked in the middle. He loves it. His family tolerate him. He does not deserve toleration. Silly old fool!

    Yours looks supreme. I have been thinking of French Toast with berries and cream cheese for some reason….

  7. “We make bread and butter pudding with brioche instead and it tastes like an angel dying on your tongue (is that in some way inappropriate?)”

    Made me laugh! : )

    This looks amazing!

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