Beer – the Fuel that Gets Londoners Moving

In England fuel prices are going through the roof. It costs £1.47 for a litre of diesel. That’s how much a gallon cost about 20 years ago. Probably less (or possibly more, I’m a sucker for the good old days). Anyway, whilst in London the other day we spotted a new mode of transport that removes the whole ‘Gas’ issue in one fell swoop. Beer-powered transport:

Basically you hire a large four-wheeled contraption, grab some beer and start pedalling. Yes unfortunately you do need leg power too, but you can drink beer while your pedalling. Its an absolutely fantastic way to get to work. Although you might turn up to the office trashed.

In addition to having a mobile bar you also get to listen to banging hardcore house music (this lot were anyway):

So forget The Tube, those dreadful Red Buses and all the other cruddy ways of getting around London, this year there is only one way to see the Olympics – beer-powered quad cycling!

23 thoughts on “Beer – the Fuel that Gets Londoners Moving

  1. I was floored when we visited London at how expensive everything was. We bought a small cake of soap at Herrod’s and had to leave the car as collateral. Beer does make everything all better 🙂

  2. Anything that gets people cycling in London, or any other big city, has got to be good! Where I come from we cycle to the beer bar and back again, but I am learning!

    • So thats just over £1. It wasn’t long ago it was that price. We pay about 20p more than the rest of Europe (because we are mugs) but the real reason is Iran and Russia, apparently.

      • It’s ridiculous. As our dollar improved against the USD we were told fuel prices should fall. They didn’t. Oil refining companies just kept the money.

  3. This is AWESOME! I see a whole new future in transportation! Well, except in the U.S. it’s probably illegal to even think of this concept…. I’d fight for it, and I don’t even like beer! HA!

      • Well, I don’t suppose they could really, drink-driving, drunk-in-charge or something, I believe you can be charged with drunk-in-charge of a bicycle so pedal bus should come under similar rules, BUT when I was living on a narrowboat, it was perfectly legal to drink and drive one of those 10 tonne beauties!

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