Portobello Burgers

Bean Burgers are so MacDonalds, Fish Burgers are so…fishy. So what are the options for preparing a burger-like creation for someone who hasn’t eaten a nice plump beefy burger in decades? Something that looks like a burger, smells vaguely like a burger but contains no burger.

For this we need to turn to the massive Portobello Mushroom.

Bacon bits are optional obviously

Portobello mushrooms are great. They hold their shape when cooked, don’t shrink to bugger-all and don’t end up soggy and floppy. For these beauties you’ll need:

  • Big Portobello Mushrooms
  • Rustic Baps
  • Red Pepper
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Leerdammer Cheese Slices
  • Olive Oil
  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Lardons (for me)
  • Bearnaise Sauce

First get the Mushrooms cooking – take out the stalks, rub some olive oil all over them and put them in the oven for about 15 mins. Meanwhile finely chop the red pepper and fry in a bit of oil together with the chopped up mushroom stalks. For the vegetarian option add some spinach. For the meaty version add some lardons:

Healthy v Not-so-healthy – I love this dual cooking thing

Add some parmesan and some bearnaise sauce to taste and fill the cooked mushrooms:

Now put a slice of cheese on each mushroom and grill until melted. Serve in a rustic bap with some chunky chips and a nice glass of white wine:

But this just looks like a normal burger, non? Lets cut this sucker open and see what’s inside…

20 thoughts on “Portobello Burgers

  1. This looks sooooooo delicious and juicy. What a genius idea to fill the cap + cover it with cheese to keep the stuffing inside! We will definitely try this recipe soon.

  2. Lovely, inventive cooking. I approve big time. My eldest went through a vegetarian stage. She eventually grew out of it and I ended up with 4 boxes of Quorn sausages in the freezer. They tasted like rejects from a chipboard factory. I eventually took the hit and threw them in the bin.
    I notice you are drinking white wine with the burgers. Very broadminded of you.

  3. Nice presentation. Meat and meatless burgers have their “burgerness” enhanced by beer my friend. Adding bacon requires it!! Now the beer choice is up for debate.. Have you heard of Quorn, a meat substitute made from mushrooms? To me it looks like tofu but does have a meaty texture. Your Portobello burgers look appealing to meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

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