Morph – Wallace and Gromit’s Ancestor

I’m sure most people know who Wallace and Gromit are. But do you know who inspired them? It was Morph. Morph was a plasticine creation that graced childrens’ TV back in the 1970’s. And of course he’s back, because the world has gone nuts for nostalgia. For Christmas I got the kids (yeah right it was for the kids) a ‘Make your own Morph’ kit. Here’s how it went:

Home-made Morphage – he’s going to kick ass on Call of Duty

Not bad for a first attempt. I mean it looks like Morph doesn’t it? Of course you’d have to know what the real Morph looked like – check him out here. Okay so his legs are a bit short and he’s a bit lumpier here but with a bit 0f practice…

Anyway we thought that was it, until we found some animation software tucked away on the laptop. And so then we (I say ‘we’ but really I mean ‘I’) got busy, putting together some animations of Morph.

Its not very long is it? We created another one:

Then I forgot about Morph for a while. But the 8 year old didn’t. And this is what happened when I left him with poor old Morph for a while:

Morph took navel gazing too far

Anyway I can see a whole new world of fun here. It will keep me and the kids amused for hours. (It will because I’m going to make sure it will, so to speak). And it beats ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘SkyRim’ on the PlayStation – which is what they are playing now whilst I write this. As for the wife – she thinks I’ve finally lost it!

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