Do You Know Where London Is?

No not the one in Minnesota. The one in England. Well CNN doesn’t.

While we were snowed in at the weekend I happened across Jonathon Ross doing his chat show thing and he showed us this. London is, according to CNN (it might have been CBS or ABC or something) in Norfolk! And I started getting all ‘What, they don’t even know where the ‘Greatest City in the World Is!?!?’. Then I stopped (after several glasses of wine) and thought ‘Do I know where New York is?’. On a map? Pinpoint? So I thought I’d give it a go.

What do you think?

How did I do? I confess – my Degree is in Geography and still I only have a rough idea where these places are. In school we had to learn all the States of the USA. By heart. (It’s 50, right?) I’ve travelled quite a bit round the land of the free but I’m not sure I know on a map where Fargo is anymore than a citizen of the States knows where Birmingham is (it’s Alabama, no?)

Anyway I love the look on Matthew Chance’s face – I think he knows London isn’t in the wetlands of Eastern England!

37 thoughts on “Do You Know Where London Is?

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  2. This cracked me up. One time I was ordering on-line from a young lady at a company in Chicago(a real person in the U.S.!). This was obviously a while ago when you had to dial up an internet connection w/a modem so telephone ordering was much easier.
    I live in a tiny town in Massachusetts called Berlin. When we got to the part about where to ship the order I gave her the address in Berlin, Mass.. She replied “Oh? Would that be East or West?” Shaking my head I just said, it really doesn’t matter and she said “Oh, that’s right I did hear about the wall coming down”. OMG, forget geography.

  3. Loved your post! Ah, yes, the geography thing, mostly I get is Australia in Europe (no not Austria) is it in New Zealand?

    Maybe we will see another post about Australia being in Europe soon? It would have to be true because it is CNN? Right : )

  4. You did rather well !!
    You missed Wichita by several states, but I don’t think that the people in Kansas would mind living where you placed them !!

    When I was in school in Nebraska, (find that one ) there were several girls that really thought that Chicago was a STATE !!!

  5. I’m guessing that fact checker is fired.

    I just stopped by to say thanks for checking out my blog today.

    I’m just going to exit quietly before you all discover I’m an American spy……wait what? I didn’t say anything..who’re we talking about?

  6. Hysterical and sad at the same time. It’s just so embarrassing. I can’t believe no one at the network caught it before it aired!

    Or maybe they did and were too lazy to fix the graphic? Or maybe someone is just trying to be funny?

    Or maybe I am just looking for something else to blame instead of sheer stupidity!

  7. Ha! I saw this, too. Even though I live in the States now, I used to live in Loughton, and when I saw this, I didn’t know whether to laugh or weep openly at the sorriness of the country I’d moved to.
    Incidentally, National Geographic conducted a literacy survey amongst Americans aged 18 to 24. Here’s some of what they found (although you can find other bits of similar information floating round the Internet):

  8. Really interesting post! You did OK, especially without the state lines shown on the map. But geography shouldn’t be that hard for a news station (sorry, CNN).

  9. Oh, and funny they felt the need to highlight ‘Cornwall’, where I’m from. I can tell you are intimately familiar with Cornwall (not), which you’d think from the map was a city, not a County which extends a fair way up the map. In fact I they’ve highlighted Penzance, where I spent part of my growing up time.

  10. Close enough for government work. My pet peeve is when an American finds out I’m from ‘England’ (and England to Americans means Great Britain), they assume I must also be from London, which I’ve visited about 4 times, other than to fly out of. I think I’ve been to New York now more than London.

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