13 thoughts on “Why does everything have to be bigger in America?

  1. I remember staying in TenNessee some years ago and trying to order a “small” meal, I plumped for a burger and chips in the end, thinking it would be simply that…Oh no, I got a HUGE burger overloaded with salad, cheese and dressing, along with a plate of fries, a plate of yet more salad AND a plate of crisps, all surpassed completely by the tray of assorted dressings and relishes to accompany it!

  2. It’s true…I think it’s a matter of big game. We have REAL big game here, and also tons of different terrain where different bullet sizes often matter.

    Plus, here in America, you can get a .50 cal spent bullet casing that was made into a can opener for your HUGE beer (that’s right, I have one).

  3. Same gun (almost), different bullets for different purposes. For example, some hunting rifles use different bullets depending whether they are hunting in a forest with limited visibility (deer rifle) or in the open where prey is wary and you must shoot from a distance. I use a “slug” in my squirrel rifle but it wouldn’t work very well over 50 yards.

    • Maybe but I like this bullet thing because in the war the US realised they could take the Luftwaffe out a lot more quickly if the bullets were bigger. A good example of size mattering!

  4. As an American, I can totally attest to the truth of this….everything is BIG….packaging (who really needs 24 oz of dish soap or 2 lbs of cereal?), restaurant meals (I’m sure we invented the “doggie bag” that never makes it to the dog’s dish), cars (my biggest fear is that I’ll be squished by a SUV that doesn’t see my little car)….Yep, everything is big here….and it’s even bigger in Texas.

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