How to Blow Up a Racing Car

A departure from the norm. I’m sure most of you will seen Formula One cars. Racing around. Very fast. Here’s one:

This one was driven by Mika Hakkinen in 1999. Very impressive. But what do these things look like if you blow them up. I mean deconstruct them? They look like this:

  • It’s got 3,200 bits
  • It takes 290,000 man hours to make one – start to finish
  • It weighs 600 kilos
  • This creation is by Paul Veroude, a Dutch artist

It looks so delicate like this its a wonder they don’t simply disintegrate on the track. Check out Mercedes World (yes that’s right Mercedes has its own world) south of London. There are a few more gems from this place that need to be blogged!

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