The Continuing Adventures of License Plate Anomolies

Some readers of Happiness Stan Lives Here may already know about our predilection for private number plates (in the UK you can have a Government-issued plate – booooring!) or you can pay out huge sums and have a made-up one. When we spot one, we blog it.

This is the best to date:

In the UK Range Rover drivers top the league of ‘irritation-on-the-road’. They sit two feet higer than everyone else (except Artic’ lorries) and drive right up your backside. Following closely behind are BMW drivers (pure aggression), Audi drivers (psychotic) and Mercedes drivers who think everyone should get out of their way (because they are very important!). Oh and BTW if you think I’ve got a chip on my shoulder I’m an Audi driver).

7 thoughts on “The Continuing Adventures of License Plate Anomolies

  1. I like this post. 🙂 I even have fun with the normal number plates in the Netherlands, I’m always trying to see words in it, or just abbreviations or initials. And thank you for liking my post. 🙂

  2. I hate Audi drivers, they are moronic; unless you’re in one :O) we can give the range rovers a run for their money – bring it on

  3. Lol Love it! When I lived in the USA for a year (to answer your uncertainty, I’m a hard-core Brit! 🙂 ) my sisters and I collected all the States from licence plates … it was a little boring to be back in the land of random letters and numbers on yellow or white! 😉
    When I was learning to drive, my driving instructor would get irritated at some car cutting me up on a roundabout, take a closer look and exclaim, “oh, well no wonder – it’s a BMW!” Now however, I have to watch what I say about BMWs – both my in-laws drive them!! 😛

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