Understanding the British

We Brits are very good at not saying what we actually mean. Maybe its something about the fact that we used to ‘rule the waves’ and now we don’t. Maybe we have a hidden agenda – you know just trying to work out how to get all that ‘Power and Glory’ back. Or maybe we’re just a load of duplicitous swine.

I don’t tell it how it is…

Here we take a look at what the British say, what they mean, and how the rest of the world interprets us.

Phrase 1

This is a classic British way of saying ‘shut up’!

Phrase 2

A commonly used phrase in UK meetings which attempts to kill someone’s thought process quick.

Phrase 3

Our self-deprecation is just a clever ruse.

Phrase 4

So there you go. We Brits never say what we mean (except for Alan Sugar – now there’s a chap who tells it like it is!)

12 thoughts on “Understanding the British

  1. Yes, Viz Top Tips are tips to live your life by for sure. I think they’re online somewhere (you get a random tip)…

    google is your friend.

    BIRDWATCHERS. Save hours sitting around waiting to see which species land on your birdtable. Simply mix the food with rat poison and hey presto – dozens of birds laying around the foot of the table for you to inspect and tick off in your book at leisure.

  2. This entry made me smile because you Brits ARE like that–painstakingly polite in your dishonesty. 🙂 Please answer this question for me: when can an American tell when you are saying what you mean?

    • Thats a difficult one. We have spent the last 2000 years lying through our eye teeth (how do you think we persuaded North America to be a colony for so long?) There maybe some cues though. For example if we speak without a half smile on our faces that might mean we’re being honest. Also look out for a bead of sweat on the upper lip (which will be stiff at all times). Also a twitch in the upper-left eyelid is a good indication that the bullshitometer is going off the scale.

  3. A quick review of your blog, which I’ll be giving some more time to peruse later after work, helps me understand (as a fellow Brit ex-pat in the US) why you liked my post. Americans on the other hand tend to just stare at them and wonder what medications I must be taking. I think my wife is top of that list. Then again, maybe you were just being nice.

      • You mean the ability to comment was switched off? Or the ‘about’ part? I am relatively new, so any advise welcome. Glad you liked commute. I started writing that without a clue where I was going with it. The guy crashing his car to attract a girl came from an old Viz comic ‘photo story’, but for some reason it became an ape attack. As things do. Definitely going to have a crack at the pasty recipe, and I’ll let you know how that pans out.

        • Yes you seem to have comment box in the about page but not on your posts – but it could just be me. I loved Viz – especially the ‘Top Tips’ Like piling up empty cornflakes boxes at the bottom of the stairs to help break your fall when you throw yourself down them!

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