Hey Bob, I’ll Tell You Why ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’…

I don’t often do this but I feel the need to share my Monday morning.

They look nice and smiley but they’re evil really

Spent 10 minutes stuck behind TWO dustbin lorries on my local rat run trying to drive out of my town to get to the local garage to get a brake bulb replaced on my Audi. All the while I’m wondering whether it would have been quicker just getting on the main road.

Then spent 53 mins waiting while someone put a brake bulb in my car.

Computers says…give us your cash you mug

You can try doing it yourself – its one of three things the manual says you can do yourself – but it says ‘You will need a degree of practical skill’ – well what the hell does that mean? Try it, break it and we can charge you even more?

Why 53 minutes anyway? Then the guy says – after grabbing £30 off me for the pleasure – you need new rear brake pads – £190. I said ‘go dig a hole and bury yourself in it’ (In my head I did). Then I booked it in for December.

Then took an hour to get to work because there are two new sets of traffic-lighted roadworks on the way to work. They weren’t there on Friday. But they are now.

Can you see the work going on in the roadworks? Me neither.

Then I get in and eat my chicken bap so fast I nearly choke.

How can you copyright a picture like this? Its a bloody bap!

And there is no milk. But actually the crappy instant coffee tastes better without it.

And to top it all I’ve got work to do.

Does that sound like the kind of Monday morning anyone actually deserves? Maybe President Assad.

6 thoughts on “Hey Bob, I’ll Tell You Why ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’…

  1. I took my pickup truck in a few weeks ago for a “SQUEAL” from the left front wheel.
    $340 for just the front brakes and I will need to back ones done in another month or two !!!!
    The good news is that Ive done business with these mechanics for 30 years and I do trust them !!!

  2. Lol, your garage tale reminds me painfully of every time I have to rely on one of those charlatans, being of the female persuasion myself, they have such a nasty habit of talking to me like I am thick, anything to bump up the price of whatever ficticious work they can dream up. No tknowing of course that I actually have a degree in engineering, ok way out of date now perhaps but even so……..

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