A Little Piece of England

Today – we all know – is Remembrance Sunday – poppies, gatherings and silences to remind us that if we hadn’t won two wars we’d be eating schnitzel and our Monarch would be the descendant of an American socialite (who may or may not have been a man). So all over the country wreaths are laid on memorials for those who died in WWI & II.

In the small village of Oxted in north Surrey the Scouts join in the day. First off its a group photo.

Facing them into the sun keeps them quiet and disorientated

Then the kids join the Veterans for a short march up to the memorial, accompanied by bagpipes:

– for wreath laying and prayer.

This is followed by some (must be said) seriously good bugle playing with a two minute silence (which I didn’t take pictures of because even I could see some respect was due).

Then the parade goes to the church for a service; I take an atmospheric shot of the surroundings and then do a swift one to the local Cafe Nero for a latte and Danish pastry.

Wyoming it may not be, but we still like the North Downs

Back in time to catch the return parade. Remembrance Sunday is also a good time to remind oneself that our country is full of characters. Lord Attenborough put in an appearance:

And if only we had a few more of these at school I’m sure the world would be a better place. When he screamed ‘parade left!!’ you better believe everyone turned left!

4 thoughts on “A Little Piece of England

  1. Nice reporting and great pics!

    We had a similar ceremony (on a smaller scale) in my village round the war memorial in the village square.
    Being France, quite a number of people had to speak (at length) and then the Mayor read a letter from the President… then we had our minute’s silence listening to a recording of the bugle and then a roaring rendition of the Marseillaise (also recorded). Hardly a dry eye in the square.

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