Chocolate Torte

This is death by chocolate. No exaggeration. Honestly. It contains caramel, cream, sugar, butter and a whole load of chocolate. Weightwatcher Points: about 10 billion.

I made this!

Lets be clear. We aren’t going to eat this. We are giving it away to charity. There is so much chocolate in this creation that light cannot escape it. It acts like a black hole.

To create this leviathan you will need a personal trainer. You will also need:


  • 6 oz digestive biscuits
  • 3/4 pack of butter
  • a can of caramel (or create your own using condensed milk, sugar and even more butter)
  • sea salt (the magic ingredient)
  • 3 bars of dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
  • 1 pint of double (heavy) cream
  • icing sugar (powdered sugar)
  • vanilla extract
  • truffles to decorate
  • cream or ice cream to serve


This mother load is a biscuit base with a caramel centre topped with the most stupendous chocolate cream ganache type thing. First create the base by mixing crushed biscuits with melted butter and then pressing into the bottom of a loose-base cake tin. Put in the fridge to chill:

Now create the caramel. Either buy a can of it or, if your crappy, second rate supermarket doesn’t stock it, make your own. Melt a big dollop of brown sugar in another load of butter and then add a can of evaporated milk (or is that condensed – anyone know the difference?) and heat until it just starts to boil; then set aside so that it cools and thickens up.

Then pour the caramel onto the biscuit base but make sure you leave an edge of biscuit:

Shove it back in the fridge to do some more chilling. Now you need to get the chocolate ready. Don some heavy duty gloves and melt three bars (seriously this thing is mad) of top notch European chocolate (sorry Hershey’s is not going to cut the mustard with this bad boy) in a bowl over water (keep the bottom of the bowl off the bottom of the pan with a food ring).

Once melted add the massive amount of cream, stirring constantly. Then add the icing sugar and vanilla essence.

Now pour it all over the caramel biscuit base, starting from the edge and working inwards:

Now the bad bit. Put it in the fridge for 24 hours to set. Yes a whole day. Take out the fridge and remove the ring and the greaseproof paper (that I forgot to mention earlier):

Now to finish. Plop the chocolates on top and then drizzle some caramel (mixed with cream) that you should have reserved (again I forgot to mention earlier). Chill for a while and then serve it up with ice cream or just good old cream:

34 thoughts on “Chocolate Torte

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  2. It does look incredible. My girlfriend’s mother once made a chocolate torte for a dinner party, next day one of the guests had a heart attack… I think this is a good example of their deadliness. (He’s fine and dandy now though :D)

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