This is the Road to Hell Alright

A rant from the normally balanced world of Happiness Stan. Years ago Chris Rea had a hit with ‘Road to Hell’, a 1989 ode to Britain’s last major motorway project, the M25 and only a few days ago it celebrated its 25th anniversary. The M25 is what the younger generation might refer to as an epic fail. And that isn’t an exaggeration. It is epic (120 miles right round a big city) and it has failed (to get people where they need to go quickly).

Thatcher hasn’t faired much better over the past 25 years

Today was a perfect example of how overly reliant we are on one piece of cruddy road. In the middle of the night a lorry fell over (ie the driver fell asleep and went into the barrier). Fuel all over the place. By 8am the M25 looked like this:

In Britain if someone so much as farts on a motorway our beloved Highway Agency Traffic Officers (not police but they wish they were) close the whole thing down. They don’t seem to do this elsewhere in the world but UK ‘Elf and Safety says if one lane is blocked shut down everything. Turn a drama into a crisis – justify your existence!

Your nicked! Well you’re not but if i had a gun….

So they close it all down and re-lay the tarmac and it takes 12 hours – do they really need to close every lane at the same time? Meanwhile 20 miles of commuters, lorries, and Europeans coming to the UK via the channel sit in a queue that takes nearly 3 hours to get through. In Germany they lay as much priority in keeping the traffic moving as finding out what happened – here it is: find out what happened above all else even if no one died. Its madness.

All the traffic had to come off and then get back on like a long conga line.

And so the whole community suffers. Here is a  normally quite quiet main road near our house. It had about 50% of the M25 traffic that gave up and got off on it – going nowhere.

This happens nearly every week now. It happened again today on the M6 and on the M11. Is it a conspiracy? To see how much pain the car/van/lorry owner can take before they give up and use our ‘public transport’ system? It would be nice to think that some evil cabal is plotting to bring the country to its knees. But no its just Britain being Britain!

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