Gaddafi – the world’s worst?

So Gaddafi is dead – and the whole world got to see him die. But was he as bad as the media told us he was?

Well we decided to undertake a detailed scientific analysis of Gaddafi’s life compared to other well known despots – the top 7 nutcases. And guess what – he did indeed came out top, defeating Hitler, Pol Pot and Adi Amin amongst others. That bad boy, with the curly hair and the incomprehensible diatribes (‘all my people love me…blah,blah, blah) beat all of them – although we didn’t include Syria’s President Assad (he must be bricking it at the moment, right?).

Anyway here is the countdown of the Top Dictators of the last 100 years (see the end of this post for a full analysis).

7. Pol Pot

This man decided to send Cambodia back to the Stone Age by forcing the urban population into the country to become farmers. Millions starved and those with an education were obliterated. But he didn’t last long and ended his days in the jungle.

6. Kim Jong-il

The current leader of North Korea is trying to build nuclear weapons whilst at the same time a) running concentration camps reminiscent of the Nazis and b) relying on food aid to keep the people alive. However he is all wind and piss and the States would wipe him out if he tried anything too heavy. And he is still alive.

5. Stalin

The infamous Communist destroyed millions, although communism had relatively little to do with it. He was really a power-mad introvert who was in the right place at the right time, like so many dictators. However the fact that he saved the world from Hitler keeps him from the Number 1 spot.

4= Adi Amin

Amin, the ruler of Uganda, has to share fourth spot. The former Dictator went giddy with power, ending up as the ‘Last King of Scotland (WTF???)

4= Nicolae Ceauşescu

Sharing fourth spot with Idi is Nicolae Ceauşescu, the Communist ruler of Romania. The enduring memory of his reign will always be the children left to die in the country’s state orphanages – but his fate was recorded for the world to see.

2. Hitler

How can he not be at the top of the list. Well he didn’t last that long and in the end you can’t trust a man with a tache can you?

1. Gaddafi

The man of the moment. Only a couple of years ago we were kissing his arse in the hope we would get some cheap oil and now he is in a meat locker. A combination of everything that is bad in human-kind pushes this unpleasant individual to the top of the leaderboard of freaks, but we don’t need to worry about him anymore. Next week – Assad ‘My final moments!’

Click on the table  below to see whether you agree with the top dictator ratings.

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