Breakfast Burritos

Picture the scene. Its Saturday, 8.30am. The kids are sitting at the kitchen table and they haven’t been told to sit there. One is singing inappropriate songs about the Taliban and the other is shouting at him to shut up and calling him a moron and so on.

These are all signs of hunger. Also its extremely irritating. Within three quarters of an hour we have to be out the door; one of them is going to watch Palace play Watford with his Uncle. The other is going ten pin bowling. They need feeding quickly and effectively so that a) we are not late and b) they  shut up. Breakfast Burritos are the ideal solution (I mean feeding them Cookie Crisp or Shreddies will not shut them up). Its time to wrap.


  • Flour Tortilla Wraps
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Chopped up bacon
  • Eggs
  • Dash of oil

Fry the bacon

Stir in the eggs and cook until firmed up (but not dry)

Take a wrap and squirt ketchup all over it

Spread a big dollop of bacon and eggs all over the wrap and then begin the wrapping process. Fold the sides in as shown:

Now roll the bottom edge over, tucking in the sides as you go (difficult this is not). Meanwhile the children are happily bickering and moaning at each other.

Now cut in half and shove under the noses of the children. Note the immediate ‘Sound Of Silence’. Marvel at your accomplishment – it takes five minutes to make and 2 minutes to eat and then you can get rid of…, I mean get them to their Saturday activities in good time!

Proof – 11 year olds can read in the 21st Century (or is the paper there to catch spillage?)

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