Katie Price on The Apprentice?

Lets face it. Watching the rolling road crash that is Katie Price’s personal life on Sky Living holds a certain fascination for many.

In the last Pricey Post we analysed her business acumen – and it stands up against the best of them; and now here’s another thought on her future – who’s for replacing Karren Brady with the ex-Jordan on The Apprentice?

It didn’t take Sugar long to make that decision.

But isn’t it time the Queen of Bling gave something back to the community? Could, for example, the ex glamour model put a toe in the murky waters of relationship counselling? Well lets assess this week’s events first. Only weeks, if not days, after displaying her love for Leandro in both words and pictures (yes in that magazine) we learn the pair are no longer an item.

Fancy someone a bit? – permanently tattoo their name on your body – its the logical thing to do!

The strain of being separated by thousands of miles of ocean, the small matter of not being able to talk to each other (How did they last as long as they did?) and the fact that Pricey has a show to do that requires some degree of input from the resident boyfriend, probably spelled doom for the relationship. So on this basis and this basis alone (never mind the issues around Dane, Dwight, Peter and whatsisname – Alec wasn’t it?) we think Katie might have a bit of housekeeping to do before she becomes the UK’s Dr Ruth – but never say never!

PS You may have to be of a certain age to know who Dr Ruth is – look for her on Youtube – bizarre.

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