Sun, Sea and Sandals

Suppose you are getting married. Where would you go on honeymoon. Europe? Too close to home (if you come from the UK). South East Asia? Not in April. Egypt? Too many ‘issues’. South Africa? Are you kidding?

No the only place you can really go is the Caribbean. Its hot and sunny (no hurricanes and so forth at that time of year) and not off the beaten track. And if you’re going on honeymoon in the Carribean it needs to be easy, all inclusive – it needs to be Sandals!

We stayed at the Grande St. Lucian on the north west coast. Its sited on a man-made sandbank that connects a small island to the mainland so you get beaches on either side of the hotel.

The good thing, the best thing about places like Sandals is that they are ‘all inclusive’. What that really means is you don’t need to carry your wallet around with you, or your room key or anything – you just help yourself! The second good thing is that its just couples – no boozed up groups of shouty blokes. No stressed out families with kids. No arguing and so on.

A great place to wind down. The room puts you in the right frame of mind – four poster bed, a view overlooking the pool and beach, and unlike European hotels they do tea and coffee (this is the Med for Americans, and they like their coffee)

The TV had a slight kink in it but who’s complaining?

But once you’ve gotten over the fact that you are no longer in grey, damp Blighty what is a typical day in St Lucia really like?

Well once you’ve managed to get out of bed you can stroll out on to the terrace (pronounced ‘terass’) and instead of being greeted by the site of your neighbour’s back yard you get a view like this:

You then make your way to the buffet breakfast where you basically eat anything and everything and then head straight for the pool(s). Here you need to make a decision – either hang around the main pool where other people are or go to the quieter pools nearer to the hotel rooms (we opted for the latter in the picture above – the quieter the better!). The benefit of the larger pool was the pool bar:

The Dog and Duck it isn’t

But when the surnburn starts to chaff what do you do next? Well you could go and visit the other resorts in the area using the free minibus (but its not really worth it – the Grande is the best) or you could go for a cruise:

Captain Ahab knew that sucker was out there…

Of course if you’re more a landlubber there’s always the beach! And there you get local entertainment. A team of fishermen turned up and spent most of the morning showing off, resulting in the following catch (the Americans staying at the hotel were true to type and got stuck right in)

But what if you’re after a bit more action? What if sun and sand just doesn’t cut it? Well you could go zip wiring. Unless your husband is phobic about heights. In that case you could try riding horses in the sea. Yes St Lucia has something for everyone (except perhaps for Eremikophobiacs who also suffer from Aquaphobia).

Yes if you want to make sure your honeymoon is hassle free and something to remember then St Lucia is the answer!

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