Katie Price – Business Genius?

Today my wife came back from a quick trip to M&S  to ‘just return an item not required’. In one of the several bags laid out on the table on her return was a new magazine:

Katie Price (aka Jordan to those who ‘read’ The Sun in the 90’s) has entered the pantheon of genuine media moguls. She’s worth 10’s of millions, generated off the back of no discernible talent (did you see her try for Eurovision?): TV series (in the plural); books (children’s and umpteen biographies); clothing and perfume; and now, with a magazine devoted to all things KP, the circle is complete…more or less.

Where has all this fame and fortune come from? Her continuously inflating and deflating chest? Her ability to eat the offal of strange beasts on  ‘I’m a Celebrity..’? No its the fascination in watching her deal with the paparazzi. They love her and she loves them. And we love watching it! (Seriously its like watching Eastenders – you can dip in and out and still get what’s going on).

Keep going Pricey… it’s keeping the Mrs entertained on an evening.

3 thoughts on “Katie Price – Business Genius?

  1. I read utter tosh all the time however I cannot really understand the fascination. Perhaps people are waiting for her almighty downfall however she may be a bungee loser, like Kerry Katona who keeps bouncing back up for more.

  2. Very true, perhaps all business genius is actually a dogged determination to stay famous and/or wealthy. I will now of course have to covertly buy the magazine and see for myself…

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