The Perils of Slow Cooking

It’s easy right? Slow cooking I mean; Stick a load of stuff in a pot and set the switch to low. Walk away and come back 8 hours later to a delicious creation of tender meat and juicy loveliness.

Well no, not really. We acquired a genuine slow cooker recently. And I have never used a slow cooker. Its got a ceramic bowl that sits in an aluminium shell that warms up. There are three settings – low, high and auto.

How difficult can it be? Difficult. Painfully so. You see there are, I learned later on, some rules to cooking with a Slow Cooker. We’ll get to those later on. For now lets take a look at the cooker:


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Lamb Curry Straight Up, No Messing

So its been nearly 4 weeks without a kitchen. Living off take-aways, ready meals and all sorts of rubbish. But before we lost our hob (feels like forever) I trawled the cupboards for spices and herbs to create a curry.

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Gratuitous Steak Shot

Do you spend hours trying to recreate things you see on Masterchef? Do you watch Heston poncing about with dried ice and syringes, synergising coal with saffron to produce some form of carbonised ice-cream and think – I can do that? No? No. Of course not.

You need to eat. Eat food. Real food. And in my corner of the Universe real food = steak.

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I’ve got 99 problems but breakfast isn’t one of them

Morning! How is it for you? Have you woken up fresh and ready for the day of rest? Of course you have.

Or maybe not. Maybe you have a stinking hangover. Maybe you overdid it at a leaving do at work on Friday and you’re still regretting it 48 hours later. Maybe.

Well…get over it. If you feel like two feet away from death as you open your eyes, wonder why your mouth feels like the bottom of a bird cage/pram (for those innocents out there that means ‘all shit and biscuits’) and hope that the man with the scythe will take you now and get it over with, you need a breakfast that will revive.

But you need to take the vegetarian into account so bacon is not an option.

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