The Great Storm of 1987

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of the ‘Great Storm of 1987′. That night 25 years ago southern England was hit by winds as strong as a hurricane – reaching 120 mph. We hadn’t experienced anything like it since 1703 – and it’s unlikely any of us alive today will experience anything like it again.

The British take pride in their weather. Our forecasters are a national institution – we watch them every evening. But that night in 1987 one of our best – Michael Fish – told us that a weather feature forming off the Bay of Biscay west of France was nothing to worry about; how wrong he was.

Lucky this wasn’t the States – he’d have been a goner if it had been left-hand drive

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London versus New York – Is my Skyscraper Bigger than Yours?

London is a very old city. Its been around since before the Romans. But it is also rather flat. Compared to New York any rate. But things are changing. In the 1980’s Canary Wharf popped up in Docklands. We’ve also got an Erotic Gherkin. And we’ve got a couple of other interesting buildings like ‘Boris’ Testicle’.

But now London is getting serious. Welcome ‘The Shard‘:

No idea whats with the weird freaked out wall of light

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Back to the Future with Charlie Chaplin and Steve Jobs

I read an article today on the BBC website which suggested things can go faster than light. It reminded me of this clip from YouTube which is just plain weird. Its a film of the opening of a Charlie Chaplin film in Hollywood in 1928. It shows an ‘old dear’ walking along, purely by chance so it seems, talking on a mobile phone – yes! A mobile phone. Has Steve Jobs actually gone back in time? Has he left us with the ultimate iPhone? Has he? Prove he hasn’t….

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