Goodfellas-Inspired Meatball Recipe

Who’s seen Goodfellas? Yes, its violent. Very violent. But its one of my favourite films. Not because of the profanity and gore. No. Because there is a scene where it shows you the proper way to prepare garlic.

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Tintin – Spielberg Pulls it Off!

A new film is out (in the UK at least) made by two of the most successful directors of all time  – Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is a motion-capture, 3-D film based on the timeless cartoon creation of Belgian comic-book artist Herge. And naturally, for a film that has brought to the silver screen something that has been read and loved by generations of kids (and adults), controversy has been aroused. So…is it any good?

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So we went to see Contagion this morning at Bluewater shopping mega-complex (east of London). Its a weird place in itself, being built in a huge disused chalk quarry – or something like that:

Bluewater – looks like a Dairylea triangle from above

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