Surf and Turf, Atkins Style

You’ll all remember the Atkins Diet craze – eat fat and protein, a few green things, and watch those pounds fall away. And then suffer some unpleasant side effects, which we won’t go into here. Well I am on a diet but to be honest, now that I can fit into my Aqcuascutum* suit, it’s getting a bit difficult to maintain the motivation.

(*That’s not bragging, they’re on the verge of bankruptcy so I’ve heard)

So in order to a) fulfill the need to cook delicious food with b) my desire to pretend that I am still losing weight, I decided to revisit an old favourite – Surf ‘n’ Turf.


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Foolproofed Poached Egg Methodology

I think poaching is the most impressive way to cook an egg . There are many ways to do it – use a poacher, cooking rings, or just put them in water ‘free-form’.

But the problem with these methods is that either the eggs end up looking flat and a bit boring or they try to disintegrate in the water, looking like they’ve blown up. What you want with a poached egg is something that looks like a little white cloud!

Of course I didn’t make a poached egg and then just eat it. I serve it with steak!

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Fillet Steak with Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

As I enter the 8th week of my ‘yes-I-can-lose-weight-and-blog-about-cooking’ diet I suddenly realised I have been neglecting meat. Vegetable soup and the like is all very nice but it doesn’t require a great deal of tearing or chewing.

Although I made this creation a while ago it looks so good to me now (as I chew on my muesli) that I couldn’t resist any longer and so I invite you to join me in an a veritable orgy of virtual mastication.

An object of desire (try and ignore the mushroom and the green thing)…

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