If you’re wondering why you are getting inundated with other people’s comments read on…

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This is a quick note for my fellow WordPress bloggers….

You may have noticed I have not been commenting recently. Upon leaving comments on your wonderful posts, my email inbox would be inundated with “follow-up comments” by others who had also left comments on the same post. A bit of searching has led me to the source of this “glitch” and I wanted to quickly share with all of you.

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Instagram – How to have your cake and eat it.

Who remembers the ‘Dotcom Bubble’? When everyone went mad about online.

Back then internet businesses were valued in the millions and billions before they had even started trading. Then someone went ‘Hang on a’ and the whole thing went down the swanny.

Well you could be mistaken for thinking history is repeating itself. Mark Zuckerberg, the head chap at Facebook bought something called ‘Instagram’ for $1 billion.

Instagram – proving you can have your cake and eat it

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Olympic Preparation – Learning the Lingo.

Now like it or not London is going to be filling your screens in the coming months (plus a few glimpses of some provincial British towns) with all manner of advertising, plus some athletics and lots of David Beckham valiantly showing Harry Rednapp that he can still do the business during the next World Cup.

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