Goodfellas-Inspired Meatball Recipe

Who’s seen Goodfellas? Yes, its violent. Very violent. But its one of my favourite films. Not because of the profanity and gore. No. Because there is a scene where it shows you the proper way to prepare garlic.

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Cooking with Kids

Now I’m well used to ‘Cooking with Wine’. What about ‘Cooking with Kids’ – would that taste as good. Would that be as relaxing? I’m used to cooking for kids. But what happens if you reverse the roles? Get them to cook for you. What happens? Lets find out. First you need to get them to come up with a menu. We went for a three course meal, to be prepared by an 11 year old, for his Scout cooking badge.

Would you eat anything prepared by a child?

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Best recipe for when you’re drinking wine

Cooking and drinking at the same time is one of life’s premium pleasures. However there are relatively few dishes that can be prepared when combining these two activities (for obvious reasons). Here is one of them: Continue reading