A week in Tenerife – Part 2

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Volcanoes, Hire Cars & Dodgy Roads

Tenerife is a volcanic island that has kind of collapsed in the middle and then built up again. We decided to drive right into it. But fear not, the last eruption was ages ago (well 1909 – that isn’t exactly ages ago come to think of it). Continue reading

Everything Flows

In the mid 1960’s a chap called Vasily Grossman died in Moscow at age 58. He was a reporter during World War II and in the post war years wrote a communist response to War and Peace (called Life and Fate) and a lesser known, shorter work called Everything Flows; I doubt I would ever have read this book if it were not for the Kindle.

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Ever been to Wichita?

Seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles? Remember that bit when the cousin spits in his hand and shakes Steve Martin’s? Remember how cold and flat it looked?  How when he asked John Candy how cold it was he just said ‘One’? Thats Wichita.

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